You probably remember the shocking video that went viral in 2011, showing Aransas County Judge William Adams repeatedly striking his daughter with a belt. She was 16 at the time.

Well Judge Adams is now up for reelection in the March primaries, and some are trying to stymie his chances of winning.

It was a story that received national attention -- a video that shows Aransas County Court at Law Judge William Adams spanking his daughter, Hillary Adams, with a belt.

The video was taken in 2004 when Hillary was 16 years old, but she posted the video online years later, in November of 2011.

Hillary spoke with 3News by phone Tuesday, expressing the things she felt at the time that the video was shot. Those feelings have re-entered her life now that she has discovered that her father is running for reelection.

"Of course he would run again, because he is so separated from reality, and I also felt rage that nothing me or my mother did, it had no affect on him," Hillary said.

Hillary said a group of activists is working on a plan to draw attention to that part of Judge Adams' past.

"They wanted my input though, just to make sure I was okay with it, and they had my blessing. It's okay," Hillary said. "Whatever they can do to ensure that he doesn't get reelected is okay with me."

Their plans are still in works, but the simple fact that people are even working toward that goal is comforting to Hillary.

"To hear that people were actually concerned and they didn't forget, and it was real to them as it was real to us," Hillary said. "That made me really happy, and it renewed my belief in humanity."

The Supreme Court of Texas suspended Judge Adams for nearly a year as it investigated the video. The court decided that the statute of limitations had already run its course, and allowed the judge to return to the bench.

3News tried contacting Judge Adams several times Tuesday, but he did not return our calls. We went by the Aransas County Courthouse, but his office had closed early for the day. We tried contacting him at his home, and even left him a note.

In the meantime, Hillary said she plans to continue campaigning against domestic abuse.

"My priorities will be education, and I want to trust people so badly to do the right thing," Hillary said. "I really do. I want to present them with facts."

Judge Adams is running for reelection in the March Republican primary against County Attorney Richard Bianchi. There are no Democrats in the race.