After the horrific home explosion in the 4800 block of Holmes Friday, one man risked his own life to try and help victims of the blast.

Mike Obenhaus was eating at IHOP with his friend Omar when they heard the explosion. They said it sounded like a bomb had gone off, or a car had hit the side of the restaurant. So they ran out of the restaurant to see what had happened, and what they did next was truly heroic.

"We saw the smoke and the fire, and we just started running," Obenhaus said. "Jumped a fence, and then once we got into the fire, we just heard, 'Help! Help!'"

Once inside, with no regard for the danger, Obenhaus began rescuing people, bringing them to safety.

"We heard a bunch of screams, and there was a mom, a dad, little boy, little girl; and we got them out and then found another man lying in the middle of the fire, so we moved him away. He had cuts all over his body," Obenhaus said. "We drug him out of the fire. He kept saying that he was burning, but the fire was about 10 feet away and it kept coming closer to us, about five feet away to where we were, burning."

With blood on his jeans, Obenhaus, who was on the scene before the Corpus Christi Fire Department arrived, described the scene as gruesome and traumatic.

"It wasn't like running into a house. It was like running into boards, and nails, and fire. You know, you picture you run into a house and you bust through the door. No house is there. The roof, everything, was at ground level. All the boards. Everything," Obenhaus said. "Looked like an implosion from the house. The walls were spread out sideways, like a cardboard box just flattened outside. Wood, nails everywhere. I probably got puncture holes all in my feet from nails, but yeah, the one guy was pretty bad. The kids were shaken up, and yeah, just a bad sight all around."

As for his heroism, Obenhaus said his dad and brother are police officers, and he was raised to try and help out if he could. He said second nature just takes over.