The Blue Angels have made their way to Orange Grove this weekend to conduct their annual air show training.

The Navy uses the Navy Auxiliary Landing Field in Orange Grove for the training. They like it because it is equipped to handle one of the air show's biggest attractions, a C-130 transport plane affectionately known as Fat Albert.

As you can imagine, with Navy jets training, things could get a bit noisy for local residents. That is why on Friday, the Navy invited local landowners for a barbecue and a tour of the big C-130.

"Just take a look at today. It's a beautiful day here. They have this kind of weather here in the winter time. It's just awesome," said Glenn Jones of NAS-Kingsville. "And so the wind is normally out of the southeast. It's calm and it's nice and quiet out here. This is just a perfect location for them to do their practice."

Barring a cancellation due to the ongoing sequester, the South Texas Air Show is scheduled to be here in Corpus Christi on the weekend of April 13.