The Alice Police Department is launching a massive crime prevention campaign in the wake of a double homicide that happened Sunday night.

The stepped up enforcement includes personnel and equipment from state and federal law enforcement agencies. The FBI, ATF, DPS, DEA, ICE, Homeland Security and the Corpus Christi Police Department are all a part of the massive crime prevention campaign.

"I want to relieve any fears that our citizens might have. I want them to feel that they can go to the grocery store late at night, or walk their dog late at night, and that they're going to be protected," Alice Police Chief Randy Weems said. "We're going to make it rather uncomfortable for gangs and drug dealing to take any kind of a foothold in this town."

Weems said the campaign will cast a broad net to protect the city from all aspects of crime, including traffic enforcement, focusing on gang members and drug activity. The chief said the effort will do it all to address every piece of suspicious activity that is occurring in the City of Alice, and if there are people in town that are up to no good, the police department wants to know about it.

"Whether it's somebody at a shopping center that seems out of place; whether it's somebody pacing the street out in front of your house; whether it's a car that's out of place parked on your block," Weems said. "Whether it's a car that's cruised by three or four times, we want to know about it. We want an officer making contact with those people."

The chief said both covert and overt tactics will be employed in the campaign. Residents may be seeing more State Troopers in town and police cars on the street. Units with other agencies may or may not be marked.

All of this is because of a double homicide that took place Sunday night. So far, the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department, which is handling that ongoing investigation, has not said much about it; but because of the proximity of the crime to the City of Alice, Chief Weems wants to do his part to help prevent crime.

Weems is relying on the public to help come forward with tips and information, saying that if you see something suspicious, you should say something. You can call the Crime Stoppers of South Texas at 361-664-7867.