Alice police say a couple of thieves have struck three businesses in recent weeks. The latest burglary happened Thursday, and it was caught by surveillance cameras.

Police say Pueblo Tires, Wal-Mart and North Point Computers have all been the victims of theft in recent weeks.

30-year old Michael Lopez was arrested and charged for stealing a lawnmower from Wal-Mart on July 10. At that time, police say Lopez asked if he could leave money with his cousin and told police where his cousin lived. Police recognized Lopez from surveillance video of another theft committed at Pueblo Tire in late June, from which impact wrenches were stolen.

According to police, Lopez and his cousin were seen in a newer model red Kia Optima. The photo was given to police by Pueblo Tires. The car was later found in the same area where Lopez told police his cousin lived. Police say Lopez and his cousin were then caught on camera Thursday committing a theft at North Point Computers.

Police are working on getting together warrants to arrest the two individuals.