Another suspect behind bars this evening after being accused of stealing powerful explosives belonging to the Corpus Christi Police Department. They say the second arrest came this afternoon. And they say they are currently searching for a third suspect. Also, all the explosives have now been recovered from the Nueces River.

On December 8th, an Annaville storage unit that is owned by the CCPD was broken in to and explosives like TNT and C-4 were taken. A tip lead police to search the Nueces River near the boat ramp at Labonte Park. Last Wednesday, a dive team began scouring the bottom of the river. They have since found stolen TNT, police night sticks, and confiscated fireworks. Sources tell 3 News a CCPD dive team went back in the water early this morning and recovered the last of the missing explosives: dangerous C-4.

20 year old Christian Anderson was arrested last week in connection with the break in. Today, Elias Puebla and Guadeloupe Buitron was also arrested in connection with the crime.