It is a holiday that is celebrated worldwide by Catholic Churches. We're talking about Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

It is a way to honor those who have passed away, and Friday evening, a Dia de los Muertos block party was underway in the downtown area.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell was there Live to show us what's going on.

Families spent the day at various cemeteries as a way to honor their loved ones.

At Rose Hill Cemetery, graves were blessed. A sea of flowers were left for loved ones who have passed. Silvia Gonzalez was there to honor her parents, her father Antonio and her mother Suzan, who died just last year.

"She liked roses," Gonzalez said. "Planted roses for her. Try to maintain that."

Gonzalez and others have gathered there for the religious holiday known as All Souls Day or Day of the Dead, a tradition that focuses more, not exactly on death, but rather the celebration of life.

"It's a very blessed meaning," said Yolanda Rodriguez, who was there honoring her parents. "We think of all the dead in our family. Our relatives. Make it special, closer to us."

Rodriguez brought purple flowers for her parents, Rafael and Soila Manriguez. Her father worked on a pipeline, providing for his family until his death, and then there was her mother, Soila.

"Mom was everyone's friend," Rodriguez said. "In the PTA, she gave us cakes. One thing I will never forget, how poor we were. She made a cake for our birthday."

Not far away, we found Gloria Rodriguez, who planted a U.S. flag into the ground to remember her brother, a Vietnam veteran.

"Very important to not forget those who were here for us," said Gloria Rodriguez. "Just wanted him to know he's not forgotten."

It's a reunion between the living and the dead; a time to reflect and honor those who we've lost.

It is said that the religious holiday has its origins that began with the Aztecs.