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Aransas County residents can drop-off boats that no longer run

Buying a boat is a big purchase and you can't just put it at the end of the street when it no longer works

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — This weekend, the Texas General Land Office is willing to take your boat off your hands for free. It's part of something called the Vessel Turn-In Program.
Buying a boat is a big purchase and you can't just put it at the end of the street when it no longer works.
That's why the turn-in program is beneficial for a coastal county like Aransas.

“It hasn't been running for a long time,” boat owner, Weslay Johnson said.

He has had his boat for eight years.
He said most of that time it sat on his driveway collecting leaves.
Johnson said if it wasn't for the turn-in program he doesn't know how long it would have sat there.

“'How do you feel knowing that it's out of your hair?' I feel relieved,” he said.

Unfortunately, not all boat owners are as responsible.
Frank McDaniel works for the GLO and said he runs across illegally abandoned boats all the time.

“A lot of times boats just show up,” McDaniel said. “Especially, with a hurricane coming through it washes them in. They'll end up on somebodies property they'll end up on a spoiled island somewhere, and then who is going to take care of them.”

Not only are they an eye sore but are also detrimental to the environment.

“We're pulling the fuel and oil out of them and the batteries out, well that's hazardous waste that would be left in the water if they do abandon them or if they sink them,” Johnson said.

That's why Texas Parks and Wildlife along with Keep Aransas County Beautiful are participating in the program.

“It's just a win, win for everybody to beautify our county and to bring those unwanted vessels to us,” Aransas County Long Term Recovery, Deanna Spruce said.

it's free to drop off your vessel and they ask to bring all paperwork regarding the boat if you have any.

The program is happening Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Rockport off of 1781 and Airport road.

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