ARANSAS PASS, Texas — The City of Aransas Pass is asking for the public's help for their first annual Spring Clean-up.

The all day-event is on April 27th and is a chance for people to pitch in and pick up any trash or debris sitting around the city.

Code enforcement is asking everyone from businesses, organizations, families and individuals to help make this happen.

Code compliance officers said Aransas Pass has a population of 8,000 people so they hope at least 100 can donate their time to spring cleaning. 

They said they are pin pointing specific areas in town but ultimately their goal is to clean up the whole city so they are gonna need all the help they can get.

They need people to help pick up things like tires, sofa's, small trash and even debris from a lot of construction in the area. 

"It's very important," Code Compliance Officer, Corey Elrod said. "Not only is it important for the health and safety for our residents and visitors, it's for the kids too. We don't want the kids out here walking down the street getting cut up by construction material. Playing in those piles."

So April 27, they are asking volunteers to meet at 8 a.m. at city hall and they will clean and break for lunch around noon.

Elrod said not only will the event make the city look clean but it will boost morale and make people proud of the city they live in.

Mayor Ram Gomez will be providing some breakfast tacos and there will also be a free lunch.

To sign up you can contact Aransas Pass City Hall or call the city manager's office at 361-758-5301.