An attempted murder suicide in Ingleside has stunned an otherwise quiet neighborhood, and at this point, police are not sure what led to the violence. Neighbors are shocked, surprised, and saddened; saying they never saw any red flags or any signs that there were any problems between this husband and wife; identified by neighbors as James and Jerry Wolfshohl, believed to be in their 60's.

Police were called to this home on La Quinta Drive late Thursday night, where all of this took place. A woman had called 911 saying that her husband was going to kill her. While the communications operator was gathering details from the caller, she heard what sounded like a single gunshot and the call was disconnected. While police were on their way, Ingleside 911 got a transfer from 911 Corpus Christi, from a man who said that his father called him and told him he had killed his mother, and was going to kill himself. Police arrived to the home and told the man to drop the handgun he was holding, but the man walked around an interior corner in the house and shot himself in the head. On Friday, 3 News spoke with a neighbor who asked us that we not show her face.

Neighbor Ann Miller said "we knew them. We exchanged neighborhood Christmas gifts, and things like that." 3 News responded, "and so this must come out of the blue?" Miller replied, "Yes, actually it did. It was a very big shock, very, very surprised. I had no indication of what could be or what would happen."

After police arrived they found the woman sitting in a chair in the living room with a gunshot wound to the forehead. She was transported to Christus Spohn Memorial hospital. The man was pronounced dead on the scene. As of last check, the woman was still alive, but things weren't looking good.