Authorities in Duval and Jim Wells counties arrested and charged three people for the damage caused to some 200 gravestones in San Diego over the weekend.

Kiii 3 News was at the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department Tuesday as the suspects, 28-year old Rita Marie Alaniz, 27-year old Chris Fuentes, who is also a registered sex offender, and 17-year old Emilio Pena, arrived from Duval County.

The three suspects have been charged with criminal mischief for vandalizing the San Diego Cemetery over the weekend.

Investigators said they received information and tips from the public that led to the arrest of Alaniz Monday afternoon. According to authorities, Alaniz confessed to the crime and gave up the other two suspects.

"It's pretty low. Obviously these people had no respect for the deceased. Have no respect for the family. They probably have no respect for themselves as well," Duval County Sheriff Romeo Ramirez said. "So again, I applaud the efforts of all the agencies involved that were able to put this closure to this."

"We want to thank the public for helping us and assisting us, especially the Sheriff's Department from Duval County and the police department from Duval County, and also a constable from Duval County," Jim Wells County Sheriff Oscar Lopez said. "I think they did a fantastic job."

It was Sunday morning when the sheriff's departments in Jim Wells and Duval counties began receiving calls, notifying them about the vandalism. The damage caused lots of grief to lots of families as hundreds of gravestones were damaged.