The San Patricio County District Attorney says there is someone out there that they still are looking at who may have some knowledge about the double shooting and assault of two young girls in a Portland park two years ago.

Investigators believe he has some knowledge about the case and may have observed something.

District Attorney Michael Welborn said the person of interest is formerly a Portland resident who left shortly after the shooting and went to Nevada. He is now in prison there on another charge.

"We have information to place (sic) at the scene of the crime at or near the time that the events took place," Welborn said. "That's why he became a target of the investigation."

3News is not naming the person of interest because he has not been charged.

However, according to Welborn, the person of interest has been looked at by investigators for the past couple of years, and may or may not have been involved in the offenses.

Investigators still want to talk with the person to see if he wants to provide them with any additional information connected with this case.

"We have visited with him. We've taken DNA samples," Welborn said. "We're looking at some potential DNA evidence that we might have available for prosecution in this case, and we need to find out which DNA matches."

Despite investigators looking at this person of interest, Welborn said the break in the case came when a letter was delivered to one of the victim's homes on June 12. Welborn believes the letter was delivered by Laura Strickland, who is charged with tampering with evidence in the case. The letter was specific, with detailed information that led investigators to arrest and charge David Strickland with the crimes, including capital murder, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

All the charges stem from the crimes that took place in that park in Portland two years ago against then 18-year old Kristene Chapa and 19-year old Mollie Olgin, who died from her injuries.

Strickland remains in San Patricio County Jail with no bond. His wife, Laura, also remains in jail there with no bond. Laura's attorney has filed a motion to set bond for her. That hearing takes place Monday, June 30.