Authorities in Beeville cracked down hard on 8-liner gamerooms Monday as law officers from several different agencies combined their efforts to stage a raid at five separate establishments.

At least $40,000 and counting was confiscated from Monday's raids, and even some weapons were found.

Beeville Police Chief Joe Trevino said the gameroom owners had been warned before.

"We had reason to believe that they were violating the law and paying out cash and gambling," Trevino said. "We want them to get the message that Beeville is not a place to come and gamble here and violate the law, because eventually we are going to catch up with them."

All of the gamerooms raided were within the city limits. Workers that spoke with 3News said they did not pay out cash, and instead gave out prizes and had drawings; but our cameras captured footage of some of those prizes, covered in dust.

Beyond the alleged payouts, police say there was other illegal activity going on at the 8-liners.

"I have had complaints of illegal narcotic sales, robberies every now and then," Trevino said. "We get disturbances here. They are becoming a nuisance."

The district attorney said they are going to try and seize all of the items and buildings, and the owners could be facing some serious charges.

Authorities believe that several hundred thousands of dollars per month go through the establishments, with much of that money being gambled away by low-income residents. Authorities say it's hard to see those residents being taken advantage of.

About 20 patrons received citations on Monday, and could find themselves in front of a grand jury as witnesses against the operators of those gamerooms. The decision as to whether or not they testify will be up to the Bee County District Attorney.