For the third day in a row, a person has been hospitalized after being attacked by a swarm bees.

Two men are now recovering after being attacked at 10 a.m. on the 5100 block of Leopard. Witnesses said a lawn maintenance crew had just started cutting grass in that area when the bees attacked.

"I was just mowing like everyday, and they just attack," Ben Flores said. "My boss had just got here. I ran and I told him to run, and they got all over him. He got over 100 bee stings on him."

Flores' boss, who was stung at least 100 times, was transported to Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital. The City's Vector Control was called in to destroy the hive.

"For everybody out there, just keep a good eye on all these hiding places," Flores said.

At last check, Flores' boss was said to be okay.

Meanwhile, Corpus Christi Vector Control said they responded to 20 calls just Thursday for bee hives found in trees, electrical boxes and garages.

So what do you do if you encounter angry bees?

Vector Control said the best thing to do is seek shelter fast.

"The best game plan is try to get to your vehicle," said Tony Pantoja of Corpus Christi Vector Control. "Try to get away from the area as soon as you can, because it's hard in the open air, especially in a park. Try to get your pet with you."

Pantoja added that, if you have a pet tied up, make sure to unhook its leash and then take off running. The dog should follow, and if it runs somewhere else, it's fine, as long as the pet gets out of that area.

Also, if you are going to do yard work this weekend, be sure to check the area and your surroundings. Check water meters, trees, trash cans, flower beds and barbecue pits.

Pantoja said that, if you do get stung by bees, try not to pull out the bee stinger.

"What you need to do with a stinger is, do not use tweezers, try to get a license or, ladies have long nails, try to scrape it up," Pantoja said. "You don't want to squeeze the stinger. All you are going to do is break the sack, and you still have the stinger is inside you. Best thing to do is scrap it out of there."

If you are stung, and feel like you are swelling up, call 911 right away. If not treated, your body can go into shock.