With temperatures bottoming out in the mid- to low-20s, and the possibility it could freeze between midnight and 9 a.m., residents would be wise to take certain precautions.

One place that is going to be hit the hardest is Beeville, where signs of the cold could already be seen on Monday.

3News found a water found that had already frozen, with icicles hanging over its sides. Needless to say, Beeville residents are already taking precautions, including the three Ps -- protecting pets, plants and pipes.

There were plenty of examples around town of people using clothing and insulation to protect their plants and their pipes. Beeville's Emergency Management Coordinator Robert Bridge said that, if you can, you should take your plants inside. He also recommends bringing pets indoors, or at least to the garage; and any pipe, whether its plastic, brass or galvanized, is subject to freezing. So the best course of action would be to cover all pipes.

"I've covered my pipes along my house, and we've also, we're running the heaters. It's cold," Beeville resident Val Valdez said. "That's our main line coming into the house. If that one goes down, we've got problems."

"In a worse case scenario, you can always use blankets or old coats or something to make sure that any exposed pipes are covered, because that is the area where they're most prone to be frozen and or break," Bridge said.

While as a last resort, folks can use blankets or clothing to protect their pipes, Bridge said it would be a good idea to wrap them up in insulation that is sold at several different stores.

As for whether or not to keep a drip going, he said that is a judgement call each and every person is going to have to make for themselves.