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Benavides ISD providing students with tools to stay connected

Benavides ISD officials provided families with Chromebooks and hotspots.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many people have been adjusting to the new normal due to COVID-19. Working from home and schooling from home have been a challenge to say the least.
It's been especially tough for our rural communities.

3News Nora Perez visited with residents in one small town to see how they are keeping their students connected and on track.

“A lot of this in the rural areas is a huge shock to the system.” Said Rupert Canales, teacher and coach at Benavides ISD.

The school district in the small ranching community of Benavides has been hit hard by this shutdown.
Keeping students, parents, and teachers connected and continuing with instruction has been a challenge.

“Not all of our students had access to the internet, so making that transition took about 2-3 weeks.” Said Dr. Marisa Chapa superintendent of Benavides ISD.

Not being in the classroom has also been an adjustment.

“I miss them because mostly every day I’m with them in the classroom, and now that this has happened, I’m not able to see them.” Said student Neveah Alaniz.

“It's off. Everything is just off. We're waking up later, going to be a little later than usual.” Said parent Mia Alaniz.

Most of the students in Benavides ISD are online.

Hotspots and Chromebooks were distributed to the most remote areas of the district.

 Kids, parents, teachers and administrators are learning more about how to do this every day.

“All we can do is hope for the best and hope that this situation passes. we learn from it and hopefully we'll be better prepared for the next time.” Said Mia Alaniz.