As we say goodbye to 2012, do not let your guard down. You will not be the only one looking toward a prosperous New Year. So are the crooks who are coming up with new scams.

A warning came Thursday from the Better Business Bureau. Regional Director Alan Bligh said his office will be watching two major scams as we enter the new year.

The first targets your smart phone. Bligh said people now use their phones to manage their bank accounts, investments, pay bills and make purchases. He said it is important to have a password on your phone.

Also, always sign out of your apps, and you don't want to automatically store passwords because, if a crook steals your phone, all your important info is now in their hands.

"You don't want to use these, because a bad guy can crack into your cell phone and rob all this information," Bligh said. "Strip your account. Big threat coming up."

Another big threat is investment fraud targeting baby boomers who are looking to invest their money. Bligh said the Better Business Bureau will be holding classes on this topic next year. He said to always ask for credentials before falling for someone claiming to be a financial advisor.