You've more than likely heard the term "catfish." It refers to a person who creates a fake online profile to lure someone into a relationship. Well the Better Business Bureau has a warning for women.

"This is women. This is the number one scam targeted to women over 50," said Tracy Bracy of the Better Business Bureau. "Choose with integrity."

The Internet Crime Center reports that last year, over 30-percent of financial internet crimes were targeted to women 50 and older. Most "catfishers" want your money, they say.

So the BBB is hoping you won't get burned by a summer romance scam. They say if you are hoping to find that special someone online, take some simple precautionary steps.

Choose a site with integrity. If it's a dating site you are going with, make sure they do background checks.

Make sure you talk on the phone with the person, and when you do decide to meet, meet in a public place.

If you have any questions about reputable dating sites, call the Better Business Bureau at 361-852-4991.