CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Despite some big challenges, the BKK Thai Kitchen opened its doors again just 24 hours after a fire ripped through its kitchen.

On Tuesday morning,  Ryan Rios picked up the phone to some bad news.

"There must have been about a dozen fire trucks in the shopping center pulling up to BKK," Rios said.

His restaurant, BKK Thai Kitchen and Bar, was on fire.

"People come in to celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and really some of life's special moments and so you know to kind of see that space in a different light was really emotional," Rios said.

Rios said the electrical fire was contained to the kitchen but the whole restaurant sustained smoke and water damage, forcing him to close it's doors.

But hope was not lost.

"The new restaurant was just two weeks away from opening," Rios said.

Just a few store fronts away Rios was about to premier his new Mexican restaurant Yola.

"We had to put that on hold so that we could temporarily move BKK and our staff over here," Rios said.

He said his 50 employees that have been working hard to keep BKK running even as a pop-up  and the community's support has been unwavering.

"I'm just glad to be here," customer Andrew Sheinberg said. "I'm glad they're back open."

Rios is still working with the insurance company but said he hopes to move BKK back home by the holidays.

"Once that place is ready we'll move BKK back over and open Yola and kind of give her the special moment that she deserves," Rios said. 

For now people can enjoy the fresh digs and a Thai menu.

"I'm pretty confident that if we can open a pop up BKK in another location in 24 hours that we can get that place running in no time," Rios said.

The Talbots next door also received heavy smoke damage and is closed until further notice.