PORT ARANSAS, Texas — The owners of a popular Port Aransas restaurant said they are eager to catch the person responsible for stealing thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise on Friday morning. 

If someone were to walk next to the bar at Seafood and Spaghetti Works, they'll notice about a six inch patch. 

Owners Jay and Stephanie Kenigsberg said that is where a man tried drilling his way into their restaurant around 3 a.m. on Friday.

"The smartest person wouldn't attempt to do it that way," Stephanie Kenigsberg said.  "I mean break a window you know whatever."

But that didn't work. 

 "After trying to go through the floor and not making it, they jimmy'd the back door open," Jay Kenigsberg said. 

The Kenigsbergs said they were in bed Friday when they got a call at 6 a.m from their kitchen manager. 

"She said Jay it's bad," Jay said. "First words out of her mouth to me."

Jay said he rushed over to Seafood and Spaghetti Works.

"Ya it was just like he knocked shelves over and he was looking for things," he said.

The said the burglar was not so hungry for food as he was for money. 

 The Kenigsbergs said not only did the thief steal over $2,500 in cash, he took $1,500 worth of merchandise from Stephanie's store.

"Some of my more expensive bags and shoes," Stephanie said. "A couple of pairs of shoes, a couple of shirts."

 They said their surveillance footage didn't give them the clear images they wanted, but it was enough.

 "We only saw one person at a time but the person seemed to be pretty familiar with where things were," Stephanie said.

 The Kenigsbergs said police took fingerprints and are investigating the burglary. 

They said, since the incident, they've increased security measures.

"We're more aware of things than they probably think that we are aware of so iIdon't imagine it won't be too much longer and this person will be locked up," Stephanie said.