The C-SPAN bus was rolling through Corpus Christi Wednesday to educate students at Del Mar College about its coverage of public affairs and communities nationwide.

The interactive multimedia learning center was parked at Del Mar's East Campus for two hours as crowds of students filed through. C-SPAN officials say the 45-foot long, eight-foot wide bus teaches the public how to follow "Washington your way."

"I think it's always important to know how decisions in Washington or at the state capitol here in Texas affect your life," C-SPAN's Chris DeManche said. "And of course, as students get older and they get out and work full-time, they can see how laws and decisions made by government bodies can affect their lives in different ways."

"You're always hearing their version and what they've interpreted from it, and it's always best to go to an actual source, where you can hear different views of what's going on, and whatever intention of whatever bill is being discussed," student John Garcia said.

The C-SPAN bus will be at University of Texas-San Antonio on Thursday.