The Calallen Percussion Theatre put on a show for our cameras Friday morning, fresh off of winning numerous awards.

"The group that you're going to see before you is the Calallen Percussion Theatre," said Jeff Valperts, assistant band director of Calallen High School. "It's sort of a hybrid group of our percussion students and some of our wind players. We open this up to all of the school for auditions in order to get the best of the best musicians."

Competing in the winter months, the Percussion Theatre has taken seven of the last eight Texas Colorguard Association championships in percussion, including this year's.

"There's a level of expectation that they all strive to be better than they normally are, and that's one thing we try to do here," Valperts said. "we try not to just teach them about this being music or this being drumline or this just being percussion. We try to teach them about hard work and how they're going to be successful in the rest of their lives."

The Percussion Theatre features a drumline with snare drums, tenor drums and bass drums, with a front ensemble playing various keyboards and other percussive instruments, all being played by Calallen High School students.

"I play the marimba in the front ensemble," marimba player Jennifer Phillips said. "There's marimbas, vibes, the bells, and we have the synths and timpani, and xylosynth. We are playing a rhythm just like the drums do, but we have to put notes with it, too."

"This is the marching snare drum, and it's basically just the 'ts ts ts ts ts.' You start off with the bass, is the bottom, and then the tenors and they all balance together, and then the snares are on top," snare player Victor Guzman said.