It was an unusual sight on Tuesday; a polling station inside someone's garage. It turns out it was at the home of the father of one of the candidates.

After a closer look, it was found that his son's campaign signs were inside the 100 foot voting boundary, and once that problem was pointed out, election officials took swift action.

It all happened at District 2 City Council candidate Brian Rosas' parents' home, at Gollihar and Dinn. There were complaints about election signs too close to the polling station.

First off, the polling station inside the garage of the Rosas home has been used for some 20 years as a polling station, and people in the area like going there, according to an election official. But a campaign worker who showed up there to check the voting numbers noticed that campaign signs for Brian Rosas and other candidates seemed to be within the 100 foot election boundary.

A handy tape measure showed that, sure enough, the signs were within about 80 feet of the garage. After that discovery, election officials took down two of the signs. Then, they called out another election official, who got his tape measure, and sure enough, more signs had to be moved back.

"The markers are actually in the wrong place," campaign worker John Kelly said. "The markers are not a hundred feet from the entrance, so every sign out here is illegal."

"That cooler's been there forever," election Judge Carlos Valdez, Sr., said. "We've been using this polling place for over 20 years. The cooler's been there forever."

Inside the garage, the Rosas family had a big orange cooler with their name on it. One election official said it wasn't a problem, but another official said it was, and it was eventually turned around.

By the way, that garage polling station was a busy place, and there seemed to be as many people showing up there as any of the busiest voting hotspots around town.