Precinct 4 Nueces County Commissioner Joe McComb lost his reelection bid to challenger Brent Chesney in Tuesday's primary election runoff, and on Wednesday, he asked for a recount.

McComb lost by a margin of 162 votes, or about four-percent.

McComb said he has started the ball rolling for a recount, but not because he is questioning the totals. Instead, he says he is upset about the computer program that was used to do the counting.

"The County purchased a program to handle elections, and the more I'm finding out about it, at this point, is it's designed to handle general elections, not primary elections," McComb said.

McComb said Nueces County paid $150,000 for that computer program back in 2012. He sent an email to Republican Party Chairman Mike Bergsma telling him about a vote tabulation problem at the county courthouse on Tuesday night, adding that he was formally asking for a recount.

However, McComb said he is not necessarily going through with the recount process because he would actually have to pay a fee of $100 for each of the 20 precincts in his district, for a total of about $2,000.

"We don't accept the numbers as they are," McComb said. "It may just be a simple meeting of the minds there at the courthouse with the IT people and the others to acknowledge exactly what happened, confirming that all the votes have been counted and everything is good. It just, when it went into the sausage grinder, it didn't come out sausage."

"We told people every vote was going to count," Chesney said. "We told people it was going to be a close race. We knew it was it was going to be a close race, and that's what it turned out to be."

Kimberly Curtis, the Nueces County Republican Party chairwoman, said that if McComb does decide he wants a recount, he will have to specify the type of recount, whether manual or electronic, and pay a deposit to get the ball rolling.

McComb told 3News that if he is able to get the computer program issues resolved, then there may be no need for the recount.