After losing their loved one in a tragic accident, just this past month, a family finds comfort in a stray cat. The family decides to take it in, only to find out it already has a home.

3 News Reporter Anayeli Ruiz has the story.

75-year-old Alva Nena Gonzalez died back in January after she was struck by a vehicle on Ayers street near a bingo parlor.

The Gonzalez family had been making funeral arrangements at the Corpus Christi Funeral Home on Baldwin that's when the family noticed that a cat was always outside waiting to greet them.

Michael Mondragon, found lost cat, says, "We found Muffin at the funeral home when our grandmother recently died."

"She was always their to greet us. She would rub up on our legs and follow us," says Jena Gonzalez, found lost cat. "This would go on for a couple of days."

The family decided to call the cat, Muffin. After a few days, they brought her into their home.

Jena says, "Under the circumstances and where we found her the funeral home she was heaven sent from our mom to comfort us to know that she was alright and in a good place. So we all really bonded with her."

The family took Muffin to the Cattery Cat Shelter to get checked out and spayed. That's when they found out muffin actually had a micro chip.

A micro chip is an ID implanted underneath the skin of the animal and when scanned it will give you the owners information. Muffin belonged to a lady named Gabriella Antis.

The Gonzalez family decided that it was only fair to call the original owner and send Muffin back.

"We said we have pets and if it was our pet we would want to know, so I called the number" says Jena.

The Gonzalez family reunited Muffin with Gaby. And Gaby was overjoyed to see her cat. She had lost muffin over a year ago while she was moving from apartments.

Gabby says, "I don't have children so these are my children, so you could think endless possibilities to know she was safe it was the weight off my chest."

Gaby and her husband took Muffin home happy to be reunited with their cat. But once at home she realized that her cat missed the Gonzalez family.

She realized the Gonzalez family needed her more. Gaby gave the cat back to the family. They were overjoyed to have Muffin back in their home.

"The family has just been so happy. We come out here and she brings us so much comfort" says Jena.

The Gonzalez family says Gaby can visit Muffin anytime.