Drivers speeding to work on SPID early this morning, did not get away with going over the speed limit.

Corpus Christi Police Department set up multiple traffic enforcement areas along SPID from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. to crack down on those early morning speeders going to work.

Sarah Acosta was live for 3News First Edition near SPID where several police were stacked out waiting for speeders. Within the first 30 minutes. of the the traffic enforcement area set up, our 3News crew saw more than 20 vehicles get pulled over.

Senior Officer, Kirk Stowers said they set up the traffic enforcement areas because the department received several complaints of early morning commuters going out to the refineries or CCAD that were speeding.

Stowers says it took a special effort of 25 officers to re-arrange their schedules to make the stops possible.