There's a big push at the Corpus Christi Police Department to hire women. Some 80 applied to go through the two years of training it takes to become a street officer.

About 20 of those women are from among the nearly 120 women who took and failed the Department's physical agility test from 2005-11.

The Justice Department said that the test was unfair to women and ordered the City to scrap that test and pay out $700,000 to that group of women.

It seems to have worked to help keep women in the running for the Academy. Right now, the list of qualified candidates is down to about 140, and 50 of those are women.

"We've recruited more than we've ever had," said Commander John Houston of the CCPD. "Just looking at the quality of the candidates we have today, the quality of candidates is very good and I think we will have no problem in the police department meeting the needs of whatever we need to do; but we are seeking the best and we have the best in the process, male, female, African-American and some Asian."

The Department is looking to hire 20 new officers for its Police Academy in January.