The Corpus Christi Police Department showed everyone the work that a typical patrol officer does during a shift by hosting a virtual ride-along on Friday.

Officer Kirk Stowers was cruising the streets of Corpus Christi and sending out information via Twitter, so that the public can see what a day in an officer's life is like.

This ride-along will be a bit different than the ones you're used to seeing, because not only did it cover an entire shift, but Stowers' actions were tweeted for everyone to follow along through the use of social media.

"We want everyone to be safe," Stowers said. "We want to reduce the fear of crime, and enhance public safety. We are going to out there, directing traffic, watching out for traffic because we are going to be watching out for you."

The virtual ride-along went on until 8 p.m. Friday, so if you still have time, you can follow the CCPD on Twitter by following @CorpusChristiPD, or just visit our homepage. The CCPD Twitter feed is posted right on our site.