Brent Chesney may have received the most votes in the March 4 primary elections, but now he finds himself in a runoff with incumbent Joe McComb for Precinct 4 County Commissioner.

That runoff is set for May 27, and of course, it was a race in which both sides quickly turned negative. So is that likely to continue?

Chesney said one thing he won't be doing is running anymore negative ads. McComb said that he didn't think any of his ads were negative in nature, but he does plan on sitting down with his election team and mapping out a strategy.

McComb received just 39-percent of the votes, compared with Chesney's 47-percent.

"We're going to take the high road. We're going to run positive, and I think we're going to win on this positive attitude and stop all the negative stuff," Chesney said.

Chesney served on City Council for a number of years before taking on the job of juvenile court judge. Meanwhile, McComb is a longtime county commissioner who also happened to serve on City Council. Both men have name recognition around town and are used to winning elections. Now, they have some 84 days to get their message out to voters.

"We're going to chart the course. Explain. Remind people of our record, which I think is a good one," McComb said. "I'm proud to run on it."

McComb said the slate is now clean, and he's got to come up with a winning strategy. He said that he felt that Norm Baker's real base of support was on the Island, and he would like to get those votes. He feels that his record shows he's committed to the Island.

Chesney is promising to not raise taxes and will be proactive, and look to get projects jump-started around the county.

Whoever wins the runoff election will win the seat, because there is no opposition from the Democrats.