A two-year old child and a three-month old baby were taken to Driscoll Children's Hospital with multiple injuries on Sunday. The three-month old suffered numerous skull fractures.

The mother of the children, 20-year old Rebekah Perez, has not been arrested, and some family members do believe Perez and her boyfriend are responsible for the injuries to the children. On Thursday, they let their voices be heard in front of the Brooks County Courthouse in Falfurrias.

Holding signs and chanting "No excuse for child abuse," and "We need justice," family members of three month old Christopher Lee Ruiz, Jr., held a protest rally, saying they were being the voice for the voiceless.

"The law needs to take a stand," said Sharon Perez, baby Chris' cousin. "We as a community need to take a stand, to make sure that the law does their job. There should be a law passed that, if you abuse your child, not only do they take your child away, you should go to jail, because no child deserves to go through that pain that child is going through, and the law hasn't done nothing. They need to be in jail."

"Put her in jail. Both her and her boyfriend, because somebody did it," said Petra Herrera, baby Chris' great aunt. "They don't know which one out of the two did it, so it's not enough evidence, throw them both in jail. And then get the evidence, and see who did it."

On Monday, Kiii News met with baby Christopher's grandmother on his father's side, Rosa Maria Ruiz. She showed photos of the bruises on the three-month old baby and his two-year old brother, baby Cuatro. Both children were taken to Driscoll on Sunday, and have since been placed into foster care by Child Protective Services, according to their mother, who on Thursday proclaimed her innocence.

"I'm not hiding away from anybody. I'm trying to defend my word," Perez said. "If I say I didn't do it, I didn't do it. I love my kids. I would never hurt my kids, ever, in a million years. Ever. How do you expect me to hurt my three-month old son that can't even talk? He can't even move around. He depends on me."

Perez said she doesn't know how baby Chris suffered numerous fractures to his skull and a fracture to his back, but said the only fall she is aware of is when her older son, Cuatro, carried the three-month old baby Chris in a swing from her bedroom to the living room, and reportedly dropped the baby.

"My son took him out of the swing," Perez said. "My son took him out of the swing and he took him on the floor. When I came inside, he dropped the baby. He got scared. I'm not a child abuser. I don't hurt my kids. I love my kids to death. I would never in a million years hurt my kids, ever."

As for any injuries to Cuatro, Perez said he's a little boy who runs around a lot, and into things like barbecue pits, and falls from chairs. It was the mother who called an ambulance on Sunday morning when she noticed swelling on the right side of baby Christopher's head, and that is how he was taken to the hospital in the first place.

The Falfurrias Police Department is calling this a very delicate and sensitive matter. Chief Ramiro Gonzales said he has met with District Attorney Carlos Garcia, and that they are still speaking with witnesses and gathering information; but that is all the chief can say at this point. So far, no arrests have been made.