Christus Spohn Health Systems plans to transform local healthcare with a $325 million investment over the next three-five years, which will create a state of the art healthcare system.

Christus Spohn CEO Xavier Villarreal said that Memorial Hospital would be transformed from a hospital to an outpatient facility. After all, he said, certain sections of the Memorial Hospital campus are 70 years old.

While the hospital would be replaced with the latest state of the art healthcare facility, patients requiring hospitalization would get those services at Spohn Shoreline Hospital, which itself would be expanded.

The expansion of Spohn Shoreline and the transformation of Spohn Memorial would be the biggest investment that Christus Spohn Health Systems has made.

Villarreal said that residents in the city's westside have nothing to worry about, and that they will not lose any of the health services they are used to getting.