This week, City Council examined an agreement that will allow police officers to use body cameras purchased by the county.

The cameras will allow police to gather video evidence, which can later be used in court to corroborate an officer's version of events. The video can also be used in the event that a victim changes their story for fear of retribution.

Corpus Christi Police Department Chief Floyd Simpson said he wants to be sure there is a strong, legally acceptable policy in place before his officers begin wearing the cameras.

"We have to be sure that all our officers understand privacy issues, when the cameras should be on or off, storage capacity, how long should we keep them, and they're a little bit different than in-car cameras that we have in our cars," Simpson said. "In-car cameras can't go inside of people's homes."

Simpson said he believes the Council will approve the agreement for use of the equipment in the next couple of weeks, and his command staff will help decide how the cameras will be used.