On Tuesday, City Council will be looking at some changes to the ordinance that deals with taxicabs.

Council is being asked to sign off on a 10-percent increase in the per-mile charge on fares. Right now, cabbies are getting $2.50 a mile.

Also, inspections of cabs will go from four times a year to just once a year.

The fare increase is what will get most people's attention, but Dan Stiefel, the owner of Green-N-Go Cabs, said it is something that has been needed.

"For the most part, the industry has needed an increase for a long time," Stiefel said. "This started back in 2011. It's taken this long to get something done. We do have to replace the vehicles. They do wear out. You have to buy a new one. We do have to have that revenue to do that."

The updating to the ordinance also covers things like dress code revisions, which will allow cabbies to wear company t-shirts instead of the required collared shirts.