City staffers are happy about all the incoming water to Lake Corpus Christi, but during Tuesday's City Council meeting, they were reminded of our current water restrictions.

City Manager Ron Olson reminded council members that Stage 2 water restrictions remain in place for the city, but did acknowledge that those restrictions could change next week, when they get the latest data on lake levels.

"We have gone from about 32-percent currently, today we are about 37-percent total storage capacity in all of our systems," Olson said. "Moving quickly to forty, and we think by the time the wave goes through, we'll be close to 52-53 percent. So a tremendous blessing, potentially here."

Stage 2 restrictions start when the lake levels drop below 40-percent capacity. According to a city ordinance, the City can scale back to Stage 1 if the combined lake levels stay above 50-percent for 15 consecutive days.