As the tragic death of District Court Judge Tom Greenwell continues to be the subject of a Nueces County Sheriff's investigation, a Corpus Christi family said to be the recipients of the judge's will is speaking out.

Alex Fuentes, the uncle of Albert Fuentes, the sole executor of Greenwell's will, says a lot of misinformation has been circulating, and he wants to set the record straight.

Albert Fuentes was the first to be questioned by investigators when Greenwell's body was discovered.

Alex said his nephew was like a son to the late judge, and in fact, Greenwell considered the Fuentes family as his own. He joined them for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and was even there for the birth of Albert's daughter.

"My mom loved him. My dad, when he was alive, loved him. You know, we all loved him," Alex Fuentes said. "We accepted him because it was sad that he didn't have no family."

Alex says it is now time to clear the area, and to explain the relationship between Tom Greenwell and Albert Fuentes.

"Tom treated him like a son. Like son. He did everything for him. He would take my mom to whatever my mom needed," Alex Fuentes said. "Boom. There's Tom. And not only us, all the people; but Albert was like his son, and a mentor, Tom was a mentor to him, man, you know."

Albert Fuentes and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of Alissa Lee.

"He was there when she was born," Alex said. "When the little girl was born, he was the one carrying the pamper bag."

Their relationship was akin to that of a family member, embracing not only Albert but the entire Fuentes family.

"Dinner, Thanksgiving, for Christmas, all those. He was there," Alex said. "He was always there, and you know, he loved my mother's tamales and he loved Mexican food, you know."

Alex Fuentes said his nephew never lived with the judge, but on the day Greenwell took his own life, Albert was at Greenwell's home. He had fallen asleep on the couch while Greenwell ran an errand.

"I guess Thomas came back and left a note and certain things on his chest, and Albert woke up to see that," Alex said. "And he started calling him, and Thomas wouldn't answer; and texting him, and he wouldn't answer. And he had been acting funny."

Alex Fuentes said that, over the past couple of months, the judge had lost a lot of weight and often had difficulty eating. Greenwell told them that his father had died of cancer, and added that he too was now sick.

"That he had cancer, you know, and that he wasn't going to die like his father," Alex said. "And he was just like, 'Sign here,' and Albert had told him, 'I don't want this.'"

The documents Greenwell asked Albert to sign were, according to Alex, documents that named Albert as the beneficiary of the Greenwell estate. Because of that, Alex said, the relationship has been the subject of speculation, questioning the judge's personal life.

"I know my nephew, and I knew Tom, and Tom didn't deserve this," Alex said. "He did not deserve this, and those ashes, those are Albert's."

The Fuentes family has hired an attorney, and they say they want to make sure Judge Greenwell's last will and testament is carried out as he wanted.