Windstorm insurance has been a controversial topic in the Coastal Bend. It was the subject of a rally that was held Monday in City Hall.

Representatives Todd Hunter and Abel Herrero were on hand to talk about a new piece of legislation that they hope to file next year, called the Coastal Plan. Among the changes they are proposing is adding taxpayer representation to the windstorm board, and putting a halt to rate increases for coastal communities.

Hunter said those coastal tax increases not only effect those living in the area, but those in other parts of the state with property near the coast.

"They own a lot of property down on the coastline. I think they are effected as well as us. Plus, the economy of the state is affected. You know, if you impact the coastline, good or bad, it impacts Texas, good or bad," Hunter said. "So we have an educational goal. The education goal is to promote the coast, promote Texas. You promote the coast, you bring in money for Texas."

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is holding a board meeting on Tuesday here in Corpus Christi at the Omni Bayfront. The new Coastal Plan is expected to be one of the main topics at that meeting.