Monday night's freezing temperatures might not have brought in snow like that memorable snow day in December of 2004, but it certainly brought some frost to parts of the Coastal Bend.

Dozens of Annaville residents woke up to find the ice crystals along their rooftops, palm trees and outdoor furniture Tuesday morning. A mixture of a temperature drop to 30 degrees, scattered sleet and maybe even a few snowflakes caused rows of houses to have frost on them.

"I was surprised to see the ice on the roof," Annaville resident Robert Strakos said. "It was not as much as I wanted it to be, but I was still surprised. I'd like to see some snow."

"I've been here for seven to eight years, and this is the worst winter I've seen since I've been here," Joe Ramirez said.

There was even a nice layer of frost on a trampoline in front of a home on Violet Road.

Luckily, many Annaville residents covered their plants and even their animals to prepare for the freezing temperatures. However, some said that as much as they enjoyed seeing the frost in the morning, they are ready for warm temperatures to return.