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Freer ISD opens school cafeteria to make free meals for the town

For those who could not make it to the massive feeding, crews went around the city to deliver food and water to people.

FREER, Texas — Many folks in Freer have been without electric power and water for most of the week. Today, the community put on a huge feed for those residents. They also handed out water to those who’ve had to endure the real hardships of this winter storm.

Folks showed up to Freer‘s school kitchen to make hamburgers and french fries for the entire town. Outside, a long line of cars waited on a hot meal and water. They have been without both for most of the week.

"It just makes our hearts so full to be able to help our community members and to be able to help our students, staff members and be able to help staff members in the community, just anybody in the community, any way that we can help just makes us feel like there’s hope," Principal Linda Hinojosa with Freer High School said.

Hinojosa helped organize this massive feed for the entire town. And for those who could not make it here, she had crews going around town delivering food and water to people.

Credit: 3News

Plenty of school staff members were also willing to hit the road to help out.

"We came here to help pass out; it’s just going to be me and my child tonight so go Bucs," Freer ISD employee Amanda Villarreal said.

Pamela Garza is the Chairman of the board of the Chamber of Commerce here; she also serves on the school board. She said that the community is going to do another huge feed like this on February 19. She said everyone is working together to try and help out their neighbor.

"The community has just really come together, our city leadership, our county leadership, they’ve come together to try and help all the citizens of Freer,” Garza said.

The good news is that late Thursday afternoon, officials told 3News that they now believe everyone has power and that includes the power needed to run the city water pumps.

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