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Join us for our O-Snap blood drive today from noon-5 p.m.

The Coastal Bend Blood Center Bloodmobile will be taking donations in front of our studios all afternoon.

Meteorologist Kristin Walla tells us today is NOT the day to go to a beach, after last night's cold front dropped temperatures at least 20 degrees overnight, so why don't you come over and hang out with us. At least for 30 minutes or so?

Our O-Snap blood drive begins today at noon and runs until 5 p.m. in the parking lot in front of our KIII studios at 5002 SPID.

Not all heroes wear capes (but if you want to bring yours, that's cool, too), but they do save lives. That's what you can do by donating just one pint of blood.

We strategically place these bigger blood drives during holiday seasons, because unfortunately, we know what's to come," said Coastal Bend Blood Center spokeswoman Ashley Ramirez. "We tend to see more tragedies, and a decrease, unfortunately, in donations."

O-type blood is always needed because of its versatility. People with O-negative blood are commonly called universal donors because any blood type can receive their blood, and the O-positive blood type is found in 38 percent of the population.     

"It's the most common blood type, so we're going to need that more," she said. "We're calling on all blood types: If you're O-blood type, great, but all blood types are welcome."

It only takes about 30-35 minutes to donate, Ramirez said, and the Bloodmobile will be set up outside, so if you're a little camera shy, you can get in and get out without getting caught. And you get a free T-shirt and snacks!


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