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Pep's Restaurant in Portland set to reopen on Sunday, June 28

Although Pep's Restaurant took preventative measures into their own hands, many other eateries are not doing the same.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The owner of Pep's Restaurant in Portland took extra precautions for all employees in the popular, South Texas eatery when they first learned of possible exposure to coronavirus. 

In a Facebook post back on June 12, management announced they were temporarily closing the restaurant out of an abundance of caution.

Saturday morning, Pep's Restaurant's Management took to social media to provide an update on the status of their reopening.  

"We would also like to address to you, our community, on our situation in regards to this pandemic. We were informed that a possible positive case for Covid-19 was on the premises. Upon hearing this, we immediately had all employees who were in contact with said person tested. We resulted in one positive case for Covid-19," stated Pep's Management team in their most recent Facebook post.

Management says after learning of the confirmed case of COVID-19 at the beginning of June, they took extra measures upon themselves and decided to voluntarily close the restaurant for two weeks to completely disinfect and sanitize the premises. 

According to management, all employees were also required to conduct a mandatory COVID-19 test.

"From this point on, all working staff on the premises have tested negative. We are having each employee checked for symptoms and implementing temperature checks before each shift. We will continuously work in direct guidance of the health department, state officials, and the CDC," added Pep's Management in the Facebook post.  

Pep's will reopen on Sunday, June 28, for pick-up and delivery only, Management says.

Although Pep's Restaurant took preventative measures into their own hands, many other eateries across the Coastal Bend are not doing the same.

As the cases of the novel coronavirus spike across Texas, many employees at restaurants and fast-food chains are being impacted by the rapid spread of the virus.

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