You have no doubt noticed that gasoline prices are rising quickly. So what's going on? And could there be any relief on the horizon for tapped out drivers?

Just within the last week, consumers have seen prices go up, and as you can imagine, many are not happy with the trend.

"We need them to lower them down for us, because not everybody has jobs to afford gas in their vehicles," local motorist Crystal Mungia said.

Experts from said that gas prices may continue to go up for another week or two. Beyond that time frame, there may be some stability.

Locally, we are seeing an average price at $3.65 a gallon. The national average stands at $3.71.

Gas Buddy experts said that speculations that are returning to the gas market are playing a big role in the increase of gas prices.

Experts say that the average gas prices here in Texas should be in the middle $3 range for the rest of the winter.