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Corpus Christi horse trainer brings animals to meditation group

Horse meditation could become the new 'goat yoga' but with less stretching

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Tucked away in a shopping center in downtown Corpus Christi, a meditation group gathered for a healing session which included drums, crystals and, yes, horses.

Unlike goat yoga, these animals don't climb on top of participants. Corpus Christi Horse Trainer Lorrie Grover usually brings her horses to nursing homes and veterans to share their healing power, but on Saturday, the mini-horse Sparkle, and Mustang named Shine, joined in on the the relaxation group.

"They really do have a healing energy and can help people so much we're just happy to be here to share it," Grover said. 

Grover found a study done by the Institute of Heart Math that discovered the healing power which exists in a horse's heart. She said they can radiate more positive and calming energy than a human. So, she teamed up with meditation expert Jonda Watson for the event. 

"They reflect back to you what's going on inside," Watson said.

Watson owns Lumina Healings in Corpus Christi. She said the energy that comes from some animals is a helpful tool for meditation. She asked all of the participants for the Healing with Horses event to bring themselves into the present. 

"Coming to that state of authenticity of lowering your barriers and expanding out allows these healing powers of the horses to come through," Watson said. 

Watson said as a society, we tend to stress out more than we sleep, which is why everyone could benefit from meditation, even if it's with horses.

"When we come back to being in our bodies right here right now there's this magic moment that's where the value in our life lies," Watson said. 

The event was a win-win for both Grover and Watson; they were both able to share what they love with others.

"The magic of meditation is really one of the best places to be," Watson said.

"I just always think you know one person, can do their part to change the world, so I'm trying to do my part and I just have the best animals to help me do that," Grover said. 

To learn more about meditation and healing, visit Jonda's website or to find out where you can meet Lorrie's horses, follow her here

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