The San Patricio Fairgrounds brought a crowd of close to 1200 people all to see ‘man's best friend’ battle.
The show consisted of a beauty contest, an obedience contest...

“A rally trial, and what we call fast cat which is lure coursing, like greyhounds chasing a lure but its open to all breeds,” Barbara Beynon, former Corpus Christi Kennel Club president said.

And hundreds of breeds participated.
Including the ones people are familiar with like Poodles and Shih tzu.
And then there were some that weren't quite as common.

“Norwegian Buhund, we have the Beauceron and the Icelandic Sheep Dog and everything in between,” Beynon said.

One of the contestants was 'Bear', a German wired hair pointer.
His owner is Karen Newman.
Newman said Bear has been competing for the last four years.
She said he's too good looking not to put him in shows.

“He's a very good representative of his breed, and he needs to be seen by a lot of people,” Newman said.

Before Bear is show ready, Newman says there's a few things he must have.

“Good food, lots of road work, good companionship and a lot of fun,” she said.

Rebecca Gear and her canine, Suds have a lot of fun too.

 She says that's what keeps them competing.

“It's kind of a family,” Gear said. “Everyone gets a long and we kind of hang and have a good time.”