CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Corpus Christi has a new economic ranking, and it's favorable for tourist who are considering moving to the area.

According to, Corpus Christi is ranked 15th in the nation when it comes to cities that have the lowest cost of living. 

The ranking is based on a handful of factors that include rent, utilities, food, and cost of gasoline.

"Corpus is inexpensive compared to the rest of the country, I've been to other parts of the country North Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama they are high compared to what we got, you go over there and say I want a hamburger it's 15 dollars, does that come with fries? they go no," resident Terry Henderson said.

"There is no comparison at all, the cost difference, and the number of people, not a lot of people here one thing I love about this place," resident James and Dora Monahan said. 

"In broad-brush terms, the survey showed, that a single person, a single worker could live quite well on $1500 a month net if you think about that a family of four could live quite well," Iain Vasey said. 

El Paso came in as the most inexpensive city while San Francisco and New York City were among the most expensive places to live.