The current flu season has been a particularly bad one, with record numbers of people that have come down with it.

While many of us have probably tried to avoid large groups of people as one way to avoid catching or spreading it, what do you do if you have to report for jury duty?

Not surprisingly, the flu is something that courthouse planners have had to take into consideration recently. As a matter of course, folks who have reported to duty with flu-like symptoms have been dismissed quickly; but now, courthouse administrators are asking anyone battling the flu who was selected for jury duty to call the court administrators office right away.

"If they're really in bad shape, they need to contact the office and let us know, because we don't want anybody suffering as a result of sitting here for two or three hours," 214th District Judge Jose Longoria said. "They need to get to a doctor."

They say they also have plenty of anti-bacterial gel for potential jurors to use.