A bit of a milestone has been reached now for businesses along Kostoryz that have been waiting patiently for the end of all the road construction there.

It was part of a 2008 bond project calling for new underground utilities and a concrete roadway, and crews have finally started pouring concrete.

Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live from Kostoryz with an update.

Eddie's Bakery and Restaurant said it has been a nightmare since the construction project began back in April of 2011. They have had entrances to their business blocked by construction equipment, and even had one entrance totally blocked, which they say hurt their drive-thru business.

A few doors down, at Phillip's Auto, the owner said that, if it weren't for good, loyal customers, he wouldn't have had any business.

"It's been rough, and it's been rough for quite a while now," said Luis Barrera, owner of Eddie's Bakery and Restaurant. "Now, as far as the concrete, it's coming along fast now."

"I have my regular customers, but customers off the street, we haven't been getting," said Phillip Herrera, owner of Phillip's Auto Service. "It's been kind of slow."

The business owners said they have been told that the northbound side of Kostoryz should be open soon. The southbound lanes aren't expected to take very long, because it is supposed to be a simple job to rip out the old roadway and lay down concrete. There is no utility work involved.