The local Crime Stoppers organization has a new campaign that can pay you money and protect the youth in our community.

This year, from March 5 to June 10, anyone who calls Crime Stoppers to report underage drinking violations which result in enforcement action will be paid $250 for each event.

The campaign is directed to make safer celebrations for Spring Break, prom and graduation.

Some may say they drank as teens and nothing bad happened. It's a good thing you're okay, but too many teens are not so lucky. On average, over six American teens die each day from alcohol related events.

There may be parents who believe the teens will drink anyway, and they will host a party for their kids' friends to drink. The problem for those parents is that it is not their decision to make. That decision undermines other parents, and is a violation of state law.

If you have any information about minors consuming alcohol, please call Crime Stoppers at 361-888-8477, or visit If enforcement action is taken, it could earn you $250 in cash.