An arrest affidavit acquired by 3News Tuesday evening details the arrest of three individuals suspected in the murder of a 47-year-old transgender woman.

In was back on Saturday, Oct. 21, when police found 41-year-old Stephanie Elizabeth Montez, born as Juan Montes, with several gunshot wounds at a residence in the 2800 block of County Road 61 in Robstown. She was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead.


Three suspects, 39-year-old Cedric Green, 41-year-old Randy Dorsey and 36-year-old Chloe Huehlefeld, have been arrested for the crime. All three were charged with murder and are in jail each on a $750,000 bond. Dorsey, who was already out on a felony bond, was additionally charged with tampering with a witness with a bond of $125,000.

All three suspects are scheduled to go before 117th District Court Judge Sandra Watts on Saturday morning.

The following information comes from the arrest affidavits detailing the Nueces County Sheriff's Department investigation into Montez' murder:

It was around 4:45 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, when Montez was found on a porch in the 2800 block of County Road 61 in Robstown. She was wearing a dress and bleeding, and not communicating very effectively, according to the deputy on the scene.

The deputy asked Montez if she knew who hurt her and Montez nodded, but did not verbally say who did it.

Authorities questioned the owner of the residence, who said she heard five "snaps," which may have been gunshots, and went outside just as Montez walked up to her property yelling that someone was trying to kill her. The homeowner ran inside and called 911.

Montez was taken to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Investigators met with the victim's sister, who said she had picked up Montez that Saturday morning to visit their mother in a nursing home. She said Montez appeared nervous and upset. At around 1:52 p.m., Montez used her mother's phone to call a friend named Chloe, who would occasionally spend the night. Montez' sister took her back home to the Weber Manor Apartments between 3:30-4 p.m.

Authorities checked security footage at the Weber Manor Apartments from that day and saw that Montez had left her apartment in the morning and returned before her sister had picked her up. After she was dropped back off by her sister, Montez is seen on camera leaving her apartment again, walking down Brushwood Street toward Weber Road. Montez was not seen returning to her apartment after that.

However, in the security footage a person identified by the owner of Weber Manor Apartments as Chloe was seen walking to Montez' apartment late Saturday night, and seen again walking away with something large in her hands. The owner of the complex recognized her as somebody who was often there with Montez.

The owner of the complex said that he had confronted Chloe before when she became angry at being told that she could not have her boyfriend at the apartment. Residents had made complaints about the boyfriend in the past. That boyfriend was described as a black male in a white Cadillac.

Security camera footage from that Saturday was also checked at the Church's Chicken in the 5100 block of Weber Road, where Montez was said to frequent. Cameras showed Montez go into the store that day to exchange four rolls of dimes for $20 cash. An employee said later that an unidentified black male had gone into the store asking if Montez had been there to exchange the dimes. The employee said the man became angry and left the store. Two other men with the black male entered the store and asked the same question before leaving with the first male in what appeared to be a white Cadillac.

The employee said that later she saw Montez walking past the restaurant toward the Weber Square Apartments.

Investigators managed to track down and search Montez' friend, 36-year-old Chloe Huehlefeld. They were also able to locate Huehlefeld's friend, 39-year-old Cedric Green, who resembled the man who questioned the Church's Chicken employee about the rolls of dimes. They also found photos on social media posted by Green of large amounts of rolls of change, and discovered that Green drives a white Cadillac.

Authorities also found that Green is listed in the Texas Crime Information Center as a gang member.

On Thursday, Nov. 2, police were tipped off by a witness fearing that Green and another man, 41-year-old Randy Dorsey, would hurt them for speaking about Montez' murder.

The witness said they had seen Green and Dorsey on the day of Montez' murder with a black duffel bag containing several firearms. They were seen putting the bag in a white Cadillac and leaving. They returned between 1-3 a.m. the next morning with Huehlefeld.

On the evening of Thursday, Nov. 2, investigators contacted Green and asked if he would answer questions about the murder investigation. He agreed to meet for an interview.

Green said he had known Montez for about a year, and that he sells drugs to Montez. He said that on the day of the murder, Huehlefeld told him that somebody had taken $20 in rolls of dimes from her without her consent. Green said he, his brother-in-law Randy Dorsey, and a friend went to look for who stole the money.

Green told investigators that he went to Church's Chicken and found out that Montez had exchanged the rolls of dimes. He told Huehlefeld that Montez stole the money from her. Later that same day, Green said Montez went to his residence and bought some drugs from him before going back home.

Investigators said that Green told them $1,700 in cash and a 9mm handgun had been taken from his residence while he, Dorsey and Huehlefeld were away at his sister's house later that day.

Based on the timeline of all these events, authorities determined they had probable cause to arrest all three suspects for Montez' murder.

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