A Corpus Christi councilwoman and her husband were trying to lend a helping hand to a couple Friday when they were assaulted.

District 3 Councilwoman Lucy Rubio and her husband were driving along Dillon Lane near Gollihar and saw a crashed vehicle in the middle of the road and a woman sitting on the side of the road. The couple pulled over and Mr. Rubio got out to check on the woman. That's when Mrs. Rubio got on the phone to call police for help.

The woman began yelling for her not to call the police and got up to take the phone out of Mrs. Rubio's hands. At that point, the driver of the crashed vehicle got out and punched Mr. Rubio in the face.

The councilwoman said she was terrified.

"Just a horrible, horrible, isolated incident I hope," Rubio said. "But it taught us a valuable lesson that if we're going to render aid, we're going to stay in our vehicle and then we'll call 911."

Mr. Rubio suffered a bloody, swollen nose, but is expected to be okay.

26-year-old Shawn Villarreal was arrested and charged with public intoxication and causing an injury to and elderly person.