DALLAS — Dallas County deputies were involved in a high-speed chase Monday with a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman. 

The chase went from northern Dallas to South Dallas. It started on Inwood Road and ended near Highway 67. 

A detective with the Dallas County Sheriff's Office spotted the suspect's car and tired to stop the vehicle. 

Officials said a woman reported the alleged sexual assault on Friday. She gave her statement, but investigators had not interviewed the suspect until after Monday's chase. 

More than half a dozen units chased the vehicle. Officials said the chase got up to 100 mph. 

Eventually, the man "led us down here to this gas station where he ended up pulling over and surrendering," said Sgt. Chris Dyer. 

A woman was also in the car with the man. The man was held handcuffed on the ground after the chase, and both he and the woman were taken in for questioning. 

“We are not sure who she is. She will be taken down for questioning so that we can talk to her and see how she is involved,” Dyer said of the woman.

Dallas police did not enter the chase.

Dallas County Sheriff's Office officials said the chase continued, even at high speeds, because they wanted to take a possible violent criminal into custody. Sometimes they will call off chases if they get too dangerous for the public.

"I was the on-scene supervisor and I felt it was safe to chase up to this point,” Dyer said. 

The man has not been publicly identified. The sheriff's office has not filed sexual assault charges against the man yet. Authorities said they plan to file a charge of evading arrest. 

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